Cybersecurity Consulting

Cybersecurity Consulting

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Expert Advice and Recommendations for Reducing Cyber Risk 

Get technical and strategic advice from experts with deep knowledge and experience across cybersecurity disciplines. With unparalleled knowledge of cybersecurity and decades of industry experience, our experts will work with you to manage your risks, prepare for the inevitable, and plan for the unexpected.

Cybersecurity Consulting provides a bank of hours available for use to address your cybersecurity and compliance initiatives. 


  • 15 hours (< 10 hrs/week) 
  • Immediate access to cybersecurity experts to get technical and strategic advice across a broad range of cybersecurity topics
  • Free bundle of security policy templates ($10,000 value)


How you may use Cybersecurity Consulting:
  • Best practices for employees working from home 

  • Security awareness training (requires 2 hours, min.)

  • Expert advice on cybersecurity best practices 

  • Help identifying, developing and managing security policies 

  • Answers to questions about remediation and prioritization of a vulnerabilities 

  • Advice regarding security issues around migration to the cloud 

  • Advice on making security investment decisions 

  • Addressing concerns about possible or known security incidents 

  • Help with hiring IT and security staff 

  • Advice on packaging and presenting information for board meetings 

  • How to utilize threat intelligence to reduce the cost of security in your organization 

  • Optimization of cybersecurity architecture for reduction of the attack surface 

  • How to reduce security risks beyond endpoint monitoring in preparation for managed security 

  • Business continuity and recovery planning 

Please see Service Description here.