Upgrade to Foreside CyberPLUS

Upgrade to Foreside CyberPLUS

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This is our ultimate package, with all of the benefits of the Defense Pro package that adds SIEM capabilities to extend visibility of threats beyond just endpoints and enhances your monitoring service by integration of vulnerability awareness. This option is perfect for SME’s or smaller RIAs looking for extra security.

Includes all of the benefits of the Defense Pro Package

Integrated SIEM Capabilities 

  • Extends monitoring and analysis beyond the endpoint
  • Collects and correlates log data from multiple data sources, including endpoint, networks, user activity, and other third-party security solutions, providing visibility into risks and threats across multi-cloud and hybrid environments
  • Monitors network and security devices, tracks users, and scans applications
  • Provides real-time security event analysis across your monitored security infrastructure 24/7
  • Monitors the health of installed endpoint agent communications and log sources to ensure they are always working properly
  • Stores collected log data for 30 days for security event analysis
  • Retains collected data in archive storage for one year, or as uniquely specified 



Vulnerability Scanning

  • Automated, recurring scanning of your IT environment to identify vulnerabilities
  • Enhances your monitoring service by informing security investigations and response actions with possible root cause and ability to see lateral movement across your environment


WaveLength™ Client Portal Experience

  • Access to our cloud-based client portal where you see an easy-to-understand
  • representation of your security program
  • Ability to interact directly with BlueVoyant’s Security Operations Center analysts
  • Provides full event visibility and access to at-a-glance insights and compliance reports

Incident Response Plan Template

  • Helps streamline the response your team makes to classify events based on overall impact to your organization